(I have a quota to meet as an asexual furry to still count as a furry)

@mawr (you will always be a wonderful furry and plush mawr) 💙

*joins @Oneironott in validating @mawr.*

You are valid, wonderful, furry, and plush. You count, always.

Also, fuck the notion that furry is necessarily sexual. :(
*blows raspberry at the haters, hugs soff on wonderful ott and plush friends.*

@kellerfuchs @Oneironott
Thank you very much for the validation, frens! :ablobsmile:

I was mostly just saying that as a joke. I used to be pretty heavily sexual online before a lot of bad caught up with me (RSIs in my hands, then libido death), so the people and ways in which I've interacted with furry over the years has changed so dramatically.

Those problems quickly turned familiar furry relationships and spaces into liminal spaces overnight, and I'm still kinda reeling from that. ^^;

@mawr Pfff. I reject all notions that furriness is based in sexuality.

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