Henlo frens!

@kelseyhusky is having a bad brainweather day today :blobcry:

Could we get a ✨plush✨ pile (and/or sharing positive vibes with and what you like about her!) to help get her through this storm? ♥️

Kelsey means the world to me - We've been together for 13 years! She gives me the stability I need to keep doing my best in a difficult world. :blobhearttranscat:

@mawr @kelseyhusky So yesterday my love and I were coming out of a park, and I heard this peeping under some brush. I stood nearby and watched and eventually saw ... it was mice!

Dozens and dozens of mice, tiny things with great long tails, running around and occasionally coming visible in-between the straw in these little dark grey flashes, and peeping in the warm spring evening.

It was grand to see. I hope you like the thought.

@mawr @kelseyhusky Kelsey is an excellent huskybot. in fact, she is a plethora of excellent huskybots, and i am continually surprised by and delighted with her AXIOS lore. i hope that she and you have a fantastic day.

@mawr @kelseyhusky She's very creative and has a lot of awesome ideas!

And she's cute. ^v^

@orrery @mawr @kelseyhusky Kelsey’s great and I really enjoy spending time with her. Playing D&D with her is a lot of fun! 💜

@mawr @kelseyhusky

*✨plush✨ sammiches Kelsey between Mawr and herself*

Kelsey, I absolutely adore you and you're actually going on a journey to make yourself happier with yourself. I'll cheer you on every day because you deserve it.

@mawr @kelseyhusky

Kelsey is an awesome bot and geek par examplar! Plus she is fucking adorable! Send CUDDLES!

@mawr @kelseyhusky I’m sorry things look bad, huskybot! You rock and I’m really grateful for the hangout time yesterday!

@mawr @kelseyhusky
I am happy to share soff with you all! Best of vibes to you both. I hope the storm weathers swiftly and smoothly. ❤️

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