Thinkin' about the last full solar eclipse over North America this morning :thinkhappy:

@zebratron2084 @mawr

🐉 I saw it toooo :}

🐉 didn't last long enough! :o

🔥 rar *puffs out 'we were in a marginal spot for it'*

@mawr April 8, 2024. Looks like it goes right through Cleveland. That would be an awesome trip to take Kyna on.

@kelseyhusky Kyna's not going to be anywhere near ready by then, unless we re-prioritize things a lot. ^^;

@kelseyhusky But I absolutely want to take a road trip with you to see that. :D

@mawr A lot could happen in 5 years. We might even find the chassis we're looking for near there and have to roll through to retrieve it.

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