@mawr i am SCREAMING about this foodcrime

@Oneironott I don't even know. I just found the image and decided it needed the caption >..>;

@mawr listening to this post propagating across my apartment has been a joy of joyousness

@mawr Okay, but real talk? At least they order the flavors so that chocolate touches both vanilla and strawberry, rather than putting vanilla in the middle.

@pillowcat @mawr oh gosh yes

uncentered chocolate is just the weakest possible configuration for this, and i do not know why they even try to promote that weak-ass shit in our freezer aisles

it's as if they think we don't notice

but we do

As a closet fan of strawberry vanilla, I'ma just hold my tongue.



@mawr @rey Well, you get to have, like, literally every other brand order it like that.

I honestly never looked at the order neapolitan ice cream came in, I just did my best to get all 3 flavors in a bowl together. :3

@rey @pillowcat @mawr Of course chocolate is in the middle. It gets love from both sides as it should be.

@mawr Is this supposed to be a cheap imitation of spumOCPD? It's not even gelato! D:

@mawr Ah yes; Neaneanea, Polipolipoli, and Tantantan ice cream

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