Poor Jack's having tummy trouble this morning.

...poor Jack has tummy trouble at least twice a week no matter what we feed him. :thaenkin:

@Rosemary He's been more than a few times- there's nothing they can find wrong with him. I'm suspecting it's likely he's chowing down on one of our houseplants at night.

@mawr Yikes, keep us posted on the vet's opinion! In the meantime, semi-serious question... is there anything missing? Might Jack be indulging in Forbidden Snacks when you're not looking? My ex had a toddler cousin who they thought had acute celiac disease-- turned out he had just developed a nickel-eating habit. :O

@zebratron2084 He's been to the vet and back several times over this and they've never found anything wrong with him.

I'm pretty sure it's forbidden plant snacks overnight. I just need to find a way to secure all the plants. -.=.-

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