And the other half of yesterday's question. This is what you plug it into. Still works, too. Even the batteries were still good.

@Altivo: Err, no, cancel that. You didn't need a cassette adapter to play a cassette. Dumb horse. THIS is what went with the cassette adapter. To play CDs of course. Anyone young enough to ask what a CD is?😜


@Altivo I dunno, I liked the ridiculousness of a cassette adapter to play cassettes with. :D

I wonder how awful it would sound if you chained 5 together? :thaenkin:

Or ten? :thaenking:

@makyo @mawr @Altivo Oh! Did I tell you about how dial-up basically uses the ideas that "I am sitting in a room" first explored?

@makyo @mawr LOL. Probably. BTW, fox is good too. Sneps look so soft and cuddly, but they are often bad tempered and have all those sharp claws. 😁

@Altivo @makyo
"Bad tempered" just means grumpy and in need of gentle teasy-pokes in my experience. :3

@mawr @makyo I can be gentle and patient but I do value my skin. 😉

Now I'm picturing a ✨plush✨ Clydesdale in a suit of armor. :thinkhappy:


@mawr @makyo *pulls a couple of cans out of the recycling bin and goes looking for the snips and pop rivet tool* Mate has the right tools but he's at a rehearsal. Later...

@mawr Sure, why not? Probably quadruped in horse plate armor, but I'll think about bipedal too. I like the idea.

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