Things that are socially difficult but nonetheless amusing 

re: Things that are socially difficult but nonetheless amusing 

@mawr It's nice getting the easy questions once in a while, isn't it?

@mawr @kelseyhusky

One of the teams my team is helping transition from the traditional datacenter model to containerized AWS environment is like that..

Today their lead engineer asked me to for permission to open a PR in his own project...

Another day... the same person had trouble setting up ssh key on a bastion. A quick look at the key showed . "sh-rsa public key' instead of 'ssh-rsa' we dropped a bunch of hints, offered a lot of suggestions.. it took him 2 days to figure it out.

@mawr @kelseyhusky

This is also the team that demanded and pushed all the way to C-level to have full prod access for their AWS account... and now is back pedaling because we went very hands off and set a deadline for when our assistance ends and we hand off the prod account to them and that is the end of our support.

re: Things that are socially difficult but nonetheless amusing 

@Felthry Nope! She had the resolution correct. She was asking about the container element which frames in the image, but her question was phrased in such a way that it seemed like she was actually asking about the image itself, which has a self-explanatory ratio of 1:1. ^^;

@mawr @Felthry I'm so used to non-square pixels for other contexts that this took a moment to "un-process".

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