US Politics (+++) 

This is Joshua Collins' campaign platform on Trans Rights. He's a socialist trucker running for our 2020 congress in Washington's 10th district (Olympia to south Tacoma), and I am in love with him.

(Transcript in link)

US Politics (+++) 

@mawr This is so good. We need this. I hope that regardless of his success in getting elected he managed to inject the idea of these policies into mainstream progressive policy. I love how powerful some of these stances are. Not at all wishy-washy or general. Specific, clear, effective

US Politics (+++) 

@mawr 😍😍😍😍😍

US Politics (+++) 

@mawr God I miss living in Olympia.

US Politics (+++) 

@mawr ah I felt so angry, but so good while reading this

US Politics (+++) 

@mawr holy shit, this is great stuff

US Politics (+++) 

@mawr - Socialist trucker with a trans-rights platform? I'm on board. :)

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