I wish I'd bought these for every car I've ever had :blobowo:

They have velcro on the back which sucks, so I applied wood staples to the perimeter :blobowoevil:


I love that my forester came with stuff like this and eye holes mount them all over the cargo area

@wobblewuffess A lot of newer cars come with this stuff standard and it just makes so much damn sense. XD

@starkatt Then you have a flat floor with cargo nets stapled to part of it? :blobcatgooglyshrug:

@mawr I got the extra mat and 'cargo net' for mine when I got it. It's a bit more awkward in that it's just one big net-bag that stretches right across the bottom half of the opening, so putting bigger items in the car means either pushing the net down or reaching over it.

Still, it's handy when you've got glass or other breakables in the trunk!

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