Today I learned: For ~$200, I could acquire the equipment necessary to host a pirate radio station good for a ~5 mile coverage radius.


helping not helping 


I miiiight already have one of these on order.

@mawr Pirate radio has started the career of many bands. Ask The Who.

@mawr keep in mind you can actually get fined for playing copyrighted music without a license over a large area like that! depending on the country at least

although if you just wanna play a bunch of like furry and brony shit or something I doubt that would be an issue? as long as it doesn't go through a major label at least

if i were in charge of the tracklist, local commuters would find the new radio station and hear the sweet sweet rhythms of "no cock like horse cock"

@deltaryz Oh hon, I know. :blobsmilehappy: It's not called pirate radio because it's legal. :bloblaugh:

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