:thinkhappy: 🎵 Some of my top albums of 2019: Newcomers 

Here's the two new albums that have really been important to me this year.

🎧 Odesza's "A Moment Apart" (2018)
Instant all-time favorite. I've probably listened to this album cover-to-cover more than any other this year.

🎧 Madeon's "Good Faith" (2019)
It's just so, so, so good. It feels like Madeon's music is really developing a deeper maturity by which I mean it's got layers and will destroy you with emotions.

:thinkhappy: 🎵 Some of my top albums of 2019: Still in the Rotation 

🎧 Zero 7's "When it Falls" (2004)
The most chill and relaxing album of all time, bar none. I have never heard music simultaneously more deeply soulful and thoroughly soothing. If you're not familiar, please give it a listen some time!

🎧 Mother Mother's "O MY ❤️" (2008)
This album is deeply meaningful to me and helped me through a very hard time, and it's been useful to revisit that place and reflect on it as a more mature self.

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:thinkhappy: 🎵 Some of my top albums of 2019: Honorable Mentions 

🎧Mother Mother's "Dance And Cry" (2018)
This is not my favorite Mother Mother album, but it's definitely worth a listen. "It's Alright" specifically is the reason this album is on this list.

🎧 Steven Universe The Movie (Original Soundtrack) (2019)
I didn't know how badly I needed "True Kinda Love" in my life until I heard it. "Independent Together" was so good, too -- and "Disobedient" is just a rad af track on its own. ❤️

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