What is 'a lot of work?'" (cw: late state capitalism) [1/4] 

A burned out friend of mine said, after listing a huge list of accomplishments, "I have no concept of what is 'a lot of work'" - so I thought I'd help explain. :blobowo:

"a lot of work" is what happens when you stop and think about the past 3 years of your life and you realize a lot of them are a blur because you spent so much of them furiously working the problems of multiple conflicting deadlines that a lot of it looks the same.

What is 'a lot of work?'" (cw: late state capitalism) [2/4] 

Honestly, I wouldn't call that a lot of work, I'd call that a _fuckton_ of work.

and when the end product doesn't seem to justify the effort it took to produce, that's just late stage capitalism drilling into your very fucking soul "you are worthless unless you have something tangible to capitalism to show for your efforts."

I'm here to tell you that is fucking BULLSHIT, and that Your Every Individual Contribution Counts.

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What is 'a lot of work?'" (cw: late state capitalism) [3/4] 

That time you stayed 2 hours after the end of your shift to fix something you fucked up? That's putting in extra effort. (Anyone who would tell you otherwise is a bootlicker. On healthy teams, fuckups are opportunities for everyone involved to learn something. The whole team offers the hand up, any necessary lessons are learned, and everyone is better off for it, but I digress. :blob_grinning_sweat: )

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What is 'a lot of work?'" (cw: late state capitalism) [4/4] 

Your friendly off-topic conversations with co-workers count, too; that's called "building a culture of positivity at the workplace" and is invaluable to the working class-- just not to capitalism. :blobangery:

All of that shit is you putting your heart, mind, and soul into something. :blob_aww:

The only reason it doesn't feel rewarding is the horrendously toxic economic culture surrounding it. :bloboh:

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What is 'a lot of work?'" (cw: late state capitalism) [4/4] 

@mawr i need to remind me of all of this every day to not fall into depression
thank you for sharing

What is 'a lot of work?'" (cw: late state capitalism) [4/4] 

@mawr i didn't see this when you originally posted it. I love this💜💜💜

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