Seattle Area: COVID-19 Grocery/Supply Mutual Aid! [1/2] 

For those in our Seattle & greater Seattle-adjacent communities who need some extra help weathering this pandemic for any reason, a group currently going by the name of "COVID-19 Mutual Aid" is rapidly forming to help match requests for aid with volunteer efforts.

The following message is copied in full (with some modification) from the "COVID-19 Mutual Aid - Seattle" Facebook group. The original is available here:

Seattle Area: COVID-19 Grocery/Supply Mutual Aid! [2/2] 

If you need delivered OR can deliver groceries/supplies, our support request & volunteer forms are up and running!

use este formulario si usted necesita comida e otros suministros entregados a su puerta. podemos ayudar a pagar los alimentos/suministros

REQUEST form in English:

El formulario para solicitar asistencia en español:

VOLUNTEER form in English:

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Mr. Rogers' mom had a good thing goin' with "Look for the helpers."

I encourage y'all to take it to the next level and _become_ the helpers. :blob_aww:

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Seattle Area: COVID-19 Grocery/Supply Mutual Aid! (Update) 

This thing is lit.
They have more volunteers than people requesting aid at the moment. An activist group that spawned out of necessity and has grown into a full-bown aid logistics service practically overnight. :blob_aww:

They have the capacity to help a lot more people than they're helping right now. The best thing we can do to help them is get the word out! :blobcheer:

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@mawr “if you look around and you can’t see the helpers, the helper is you”

re: Seattle Area: COVID-19 Grocery/Supply Mutual Aid! [2/2] 

@mawr Also adding in their instagram as another source and for those of us who can't stomach fashbook:

@Kyresti I hate Facebook but Instagram is just a different (and admittedly more pleasant) flavor of the same poison, honestly.

Seattle Area: COVID-19 Grocery/Supply Mutual Aid! [2/2] 


oh niiiiice

Seattle Area: COVID-19 Grocery/Supply Mutual Aid! (Update) 

@mawr I'm so happy about this! ❤️

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