Neat mask trick for people with glasses: put a safety pin in the top center of the mask to keep your glasses from sliding off

(photo cw: eye contact)

If you wear glasses and you're having problems with your mask fogging them up: 

pull your mask up closer to your eyes and slide your glasses down your nose some, so your breath is directed up over your eyes (and not up over your glasses). That works pretty well until you start breathing heavily. :blobthumbsup:

(see the image in the toot this is in reply to for an example!) :blobsmilehappyeyes:

If it's humid, there's no salvation to be found my friend, I'm sorry :blobsad:

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@mawr I'd just like to say that I am utterly unsurprised by your choice of mask.

@mawr Clever!

...although with my luck I think the whole thing glasses included would just go sliding..

@mawr half-jokingly considering a facial piercing for this later

@carcinopithecus I have many times fantasized about getting an eyeglass nosebridge-stud for mounting frames to

@mawr how can I keep the glasses from fogging up tho :o

also! nice glasses!

@numberonebug @mawr Medical tape ought to work as a sealant around the mask's upper edge, or failing that, masking/painter's tape might work for a single outing.

@LexYeen @numberonebug
Just put your glasses down your nose and the mask up close to your eyes so your breath goes up and not over your glasses. :blobsmilehappy:

@mawr clever. How's the bridge fitment/seal? My biggest problem has always been glasses fogging up because my breath escapes from the top either side of my nose.

@Earthshine The trick to that is not to redirect the breath, but to get it away from the glasses. That's what this trick is meant to help with- it holds your glasses in place on the mask so you can pull it up to your eyes (and thus away from the glasses) to keep them from fogging up

@mawr my wraparound sit super close and really the closer they are the worse the fogging problem... idk will just have to experiment more.

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