Bug report for solid state drives:

My computer used to purr when it was thinking and now it doesn't and that's not ok

@mawr you could hook into whatever iostat/iotop does and play simulated sounds.......

@hierarchon Yeah but that feels kinda like gluing carpet onto an animal that used to have fur ;o;

@mawr "please make them make that high-pitched whine that hard drives make after a small head crash"

@mawr im thinking about those electric cars that play engine sounds !!

@mawr a couple of the pins in the sata power spec are reserved for disk activity LEDs. you could probably wire those up to a little piezo buzzer or something.

@mawr i remember looking into it a year or two ago when i was annoyed by the lack of disk activity LEDs on my laptop and i wanted to have visual feedback for the drive I/O. i never wound up doing anything with it, but i think i remember finding at least one post online of someone doing something similar, and it should be straightforward enough to swap the LED for a speaker/buzzer, though you might need some amplification or filtering or something

@mawr oh, and i'm pretty sure the M.2 spec also includes drive activity pins, in case you have an NVMe drive. though i'll admit the prospect of fly-wiring jumpers to those tiny pins is pretty daunting compared to modding a SATA connector

@mawr One of the things I love about the game Kingsway is they synthesize platter drive clicks and load times as they existed on a Windows 98 computer, right down to the little spastic hour glass icon between reads and writes.

Our generation has really weird nostalgia.

@Goldkin That is so fantastic. :D

And yes we do, and I adore them all.

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