I got a new keyboard and now I have to re-learn how to type :blobthinkingeyes:

Keyboard babbling 

My last keyboard was a Mistel with no physical arrow keys, but it had a shortcut if you cramped up your pinky you could use the jikl keys as arrow keys, so now every time I want to move a cursor around on the screen I'm hitting control+jikl which are thankfully not commonly mapped to dangerous things :blob_grinning_sweat:

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@mawr did that twice, it's alright. have fun (what kind of keyboard??? 👀 )

@wxcafe It's the "KinesisGaming" Freestyle Edge RGB

I need a split keyboard for ergonomic reasons (I'm not a small person- broad shouldered and very tall), so I was using the Mistel Barocco before this and I LOVED it, except I really missed having dedicated physical arrow keys :blobsad:

But now that I have them again, I keep trying to use the Mistel shortcuts to bad effect :blob_laughing:

@wxcafe They're the reason I'm able to still have leisure time online, honestly. My Repetitive Stress Injuries were getting to the point at which I was concerned I'd have to find a new career, for a while. :blobsadleft:

@mawr oh no I mean I have a keyboardio and I've used an ergodox before, I'm just surprised because this has a standard-ish layout (i.e. it looks like a normal keyboard that's been split in the middle, as opposed to the adapted layout of both the keyboardio and the ergodox)

but yeah RSI sucks :| Oh rock on! ^^

Okay second biggest complaint about Kinesis though: They're still putting the 6 key on the left hand. :blobfrowningbig:

(I've tried DVORAK before and actually got pretty proficient at it, but I found it frustrating to use QWERTY devices after learning DVORAK and figured I'd just stick with the established standard to avoid that frustration uwu)

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