This is a thread of things I used to be afraid of, and how facing the fear actually showed me the thing I was fearing was actually a positive change

Because I have a _lot_ of them

I was afraid of: coming out as trans because I wouldn't be able to find work 

After facing the fear: the jobs working for transphobes where I would be used, abused and made miserable stopped calling back, leaving only more supportive workplaces on the table and as a result, a more positive life


I was afraid of: attending a protest because I thought I might get hurt or arrested 

After facing the fear: The people at protests tend to be such positive people who look out for each other and care about one another first and foremost. Meeting allies and medics and getting into a couple of organizing groups has helped me feel like I'm making a difference in this hellscape of a world, which gives me far more strength to face each day than I had before I went protesting

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I was afraid of: coming out as asexual to my friends and loved ones because I was sure they'd all leave me 

After facing the fear: I learned that my close relationships have only gotten deeper by sharing myself as transparently as possible with those folks- even when I didn't have all the answers. Several online relationships centered entirely around sex were making me miserable, and changing them to friendships enabled me to be happier and healthier in those relationships.

I was afraid of: moving across the country on borrowed money (even though I had nowhere else to go) 

After facing the fear: I made it there with cash to spare and found a job within a month that enabled me to get into a house with friends. I was living my best-ever life at the time, inside of 4 months. It was a risk, but when life gives you no other choices, sometimes the best choice is to truly commit to taking that leap of faith and making the best of whatever comes of it.

I was afraid of: public speaking 

After facing the fear: I still get super anxious! (So do most folks!)

When talking to others (and even from stories- did you know that nearly all comedians include "bombing" as a crucial moment of clarity in their careers?), I realized that stage fright is just a fear of rejection, and you can't always control that! I even sometimes make mistakes that haunt me. But even so, I keep doing it. Public speaking taught me to face failure and keep moving.

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