Seattle Protest Update (amusing) 

Two officers injured at the protest downtown just now

One maced another 🌶️
another still tazed himself ⚡

I can't make this shit up, folks :bloblaugh:

re: Seattle Protest Update (amusing) 

@mawr I'm sure they'll find a way to blame it on the protesters.

Seattle Protest Update (amusing), acab 

@mawr that's been cops from their beginning in the US, any time they're dispersing a crowd, the biggest danger to cops is other cops

if interested, there's a podcast miniseries from the Behind the Bastards crew that tracks how terrible policing has been since the beginning

Seattle Protest Update (amusing) 

@mawr keep em tired and they'll keep making mistakes. maybe they'll abolish the police for us

re: Seattle Protest Update (amusing) 

@mawr *chef kiss*

re: Seattle Protest Update (amusing) 

@mawr love to see it

re: Seattle Protest Update (amusing) 

@KitRedgrave @mawr I mean, how many marching/bike cops have we seen in such a rush to be bullies that they've signposted/poled themselves? XD

Thanks for making me grin btw

re: Seattle Protest Update (amusing) 

@Kyresti @mawr i guess they didn't


see the signs

re: Seattle Protest Update (amusing) 

@KitRedgrave @Kyresti @mawr
*snorts out loud*

re: Seattle Protest Update (amusing) 

@mawr Oh yeah, that was a shot of The Good Endorphins you just gave me, comrade. 💙

Seattle Protest Update (amusing) 

@mawr informed the band of adventurers im with and they started crying

thank you

this is news we all needed

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