The Animaniacs are coming back!!

With the original voice acting cast!!!! :blob_aww:

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@mawr yakko's world but this time it's the 2020 map of the world!

@mawr I've known The Animaniacs was returning for weeks now but I hadn't seen this video. I can't describe how happy this video makes me. I feel warm inside hearing the characters' voices again. :bunhdhappy:

@mawr We've known about this one for a while! The showrunners are old friends of Peg from her animation days, and there's an alternate universe (with a much more ambitious/foolhardy dragon in it) where she's doing storyboards or something for it...

We met up with Gabe Swarr and Katie Rice at Patrecon a year or two ago and chatted about the show over lunch. They had to go because they "had a meeting with Steven." Martian's honor. It was kinda awesome.

@zebratron2084 I'm speechless. THAT IS TOO COOL FOR WORDS and you're outside hugging range so please take this token of "I made mawr squee and bounce in place and broke their words" for your service :blobuwu:

@mawr It was pretty neat. Especially since Katie Rice is a John K abuse survivor and we got to hear all their plans for a SAFE, RESPONSIVE, DIVERSE, AND WORKER-FRIENDLY studio environment...

@mawr Yeah, it's easy to forget that Once Upon A Time Peg was basically one of the very first people with "Flash director" on her resume...

@mawr Oh, *wow*. =:D It'll be so good to see everyone again! (Wonder if Rita and the Runt will be there too? Always loved Bernadette Peters' numbers)

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