✨Plush✨ City Admin Notice - Suspending Federation with Mastodon.Social 

The moderation staff of have broken our Code of Conduct and have refused to take action to remedy this.

✨Plush✨ City is a community based around caring and compassion, and the moderators of have repeatedly provided blatant examples of bigotry and outright trolling of those who reach out to them for help.

We will suspend federation with tomorrow morning at 10am (US Pacific Time)

Suspending Federation with Mastodon.Social - Details 

This is not an action I take lightly; is the largest instance in the fediverse that we federate with. I know for a fact this action will affect our user base (it affects me, too!) and for that I apologize.

As the admin of this instance, I refuse to federate with an instance that publicly mocks users for filing reports.

Receipts were started here:

The trolling mod's profile:

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Federation has been suspended with Mastodon.Social 

Please feel free to direct any questions or concerns regarding this to my DMs.

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@mawr i always had a really odd feeling about him, he always seemed to be the kinda person to do this kinda shit

guess i was right :/

@EeveeEuphoria @mawr

The default in many places is to silence m.s. but a few instances do suspend them.

@zzz @EeveeEuphoria
The decision in this case was to suspend, as the moderation team is literally taking private reports into public discourse to mock them for their own amusement

For this reason, we want to stop sending them our statuses entirely- not just to stop seeing theirs

✨Plush✨ City Admin Notice - Suspending Federation with Mastodon.Social 

@mawr I think this is a good move. That instance feels kinda obligitory to fed with, but if we held ourselves too strongly to that it'd impede setting healthier standards

I don't really pay enough attention to say how bad that instance is, but I approve of sticking by our values above all

re: ✨Plush✨ City Admin Notice - Suspending Federation with Mastodon.Social 

@mawr Thank you! May others take this as an example, because, seriously, what the fuck on mastosoc's part!

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