re: discourse? I guess? 

I responded to a local user and mentioned a quote that I've spent the past two years trying to live my life by:

"A man who stands for nothing will fall for anything." - Malcolm X

My mention of this quote has upset some as I guess they see my mention of his quote as somehow trivializing Malcolm X's words.

These are words I have etched into my soul. I think about them every single day; They were not meant to be included as a part of my public statements wrt masto.soc.

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re: discourse? I guess? 

@mawr I'm sorry you've been getting shit for this. I think it's a good sentiment that we should stand up for what we believe in, especially when that's a systemic issue (which masto.soc sure is)

I do think it's good to consider how lessons learned from wider issues may influence our smaller scale ones. Put in to practice athome what you've learned. I'm glad you're making an effort to stand by the principles of this instance, even when it means taking bold action.

re: discourse? I guess? 

@mawr I know we haven't interacted but I do wanna apologize for subtooting. It was definitely the wrong thing for me to do, and while you may not have even noticed or seen the post, I contributed to the outrage and I want to directly address that. You did the right thing with the suspension, and I want to commend that.

I understand that you didn't mean to so heavily associate your post about the moderation with that quote, and I'm glad you made this post responding to it. I'm disappointed in myself for being so clouded with outrage that I assume the worst of someone, to the point where I posted a reaction against your response before I even said anything about the suspension in question. That was a bad look for me, and I admit that.

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