@mawr Now we want to lay in a pile of fuzzy Tetris blocks.

@001zlnv Or maybe easier? They seem to be wiggling into place regardless of where they fall :blobcatgiggle:

@001zlnv @mawr
there's a mobile game that does basically the same thing and the bounce can be helpful or a hinderance

it's a puzzle game instead of just being tetris so there's also like, trying to bounce things so they'll rotate into place

@LionsPhil @001zlnv oooh! Maybe they just need to stop wiggling first? It's a like they're snuggling each other! :blobsnuggle:

@haskal the matrix is 8 columns wide and that makes me angery

@richie omg what is it?? I knew I could remember seeing the origin but it's slipped my mind. :blob_grinning_sweat:

@mawr it's this vid from c4d4u!!


i love all their little animations. they're very satisfying. lol

@mawr hang on how do you win though

they filled up the whole grid basically and nothing disappeared :blobcatthinking:

if it's like the puzzle game i have installed, you only have specific pieces and need to fill the thing in up to a specific line without going above to pass the level

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