US Politics, George Carlin 

George Carlin's rant on "The American Dream" continues to only become more and more relevant each year.

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re: US Politics, George Carlin 

@mawr I thought george carlin was a comedian, not a leftist orator

re: US Politics, George Carlin 

@flowerenby He really started blurring the lines toward the end of his career. I think it's because he'd achieved the one-in-a-billion privilege of being universally loved so much he could speak the honest truth, and not a single soul who spoke against it would really be listened to

US Politics, George Carlin 

@mawr #screamingupatus

(I'm no catholic but it feels like we shoulda canonized this guy)

re: US Politics, George Carlin 

@mawr Oh hey, now I can pinpoint the start of my journey into leftism

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