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it's been like 12 hours and I'm still going, but I need MORE. send me your emojis, send me your ideas and your huddled masses.

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I've got 22 instances represented so far. In total I'd like to have like, at least 50 by the end of this. But, it's time to get some gameplay done, look for some bugs.

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so far is the only fanatical purifier in the galaxy

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ah yes, the eternal art art of hours upon hours of bughunting and troubleshooting. This circus is the closest I'll ever get to actual hacking, so I better try to enjoy it.

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what is Stellaris but a series of text documents interwoven by code spaghetti

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what if I literally replaced all of the AI personalities with various fedifolk tropes, and all of their dialogue with actual assorted mastodon posts

Show thread and have spawned next to each other 3 times in a row. this isn't hardcoded I swear

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it occurs to me that I really need to add some bitcoin nonsense and tech instances for it to really feel like the fediverse.

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alright I'm gonna take a small break from adding instances and their associated symbols to begin work on personalities and namelists

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I'm pleased to announce that all food has been replaced with teeth, effective immediately

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I'm probably going to make the influence/food conversion into its own mod, and the emblems into its own mod and put them in a fediverse collection. That way people can choose to just play with a specific emblem from the fedi without necessarily also having to eat teeth

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Update!! Version 1.1 of the Fediverse Emblems mod is now. It is updated for use with Stellaris 2.7, and has had several instance emblems added. Additionally, the emblems are now split up into two groups, for ease of selection.

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the very INSTANT the necroids pack comes out I am making a resurrected empire

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speaking the words out loud: "mastodon-stellaris ethics wheel" feels like casting an eldritch spell, it curls the air in an unholy way

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if I add new ones, it would likely compete with less mods, however it will be far more work to figure out and do. If I'm just replacing existing ones, it'll probably be far easier.

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if I continue down the path of replacing the ethics wheel, only pain will await me in the days to come

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how in the world will I represent earnestposting vs shitposting

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Tankie <---> Anarchism (authoritarian/egalitarian)

Horny <---> Chaste (xenophile/xenophobe)

Irony <---> Uwu (militarism/pacifism)

Theory <---> Techy (spiritualist/materialist)

Themed (gestalt consciousness)

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should it be Ironic/Uwu, or Shitposter/Uwu, or Toxic/Uwu? :BoostOK:

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now for the real fight: Uwu or Owo

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@starwall OK now that it's ended as expected I can favorite this toot :blobuwu:

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