The Illusions of Time vsauce video (cw: morality, death, philosophy) 

Watching this video right now and it real put some things in perspective for me that kinda blew my mind

The gist of my takeaway so far: time, death, and social isolation are all deeply linked at a core emotional level, and wow does that explain A Lot.

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The Illusions of Time vsauce video (cw: morality, death, philosophy) 

@mawr thanks! Will check it out later!

re: The Illusions of Time vsauce video (cw: morality, death, philosophy) 

@mawr I'd already felt much of this, but this solidifes it in ways I can more consciously act on. Thank you!

You see it in isolation, I see it in the 'extremely online' he brings up near the end.

Though that part about about being as old as your parents were in a given time? Crosses my mind on multiple occasions. Like one foolish-enough decision and I could've had adult offspring by now, even been a grandparent. (And as someone who still gets carded on occasion that's really kind of a brainfuck)

TBH I kinda go the other way around. My 30s feel slower, my 20s were kind of a hindsight blur, but that's because a lot of my 20s fucking draaaaaaagged.

@mawr huh, that was a good-ass video essay.

Never actually watched vsauce before.

@starkatt Y'know he's actually really worth watching sometimes!

Their video on counting past Infinity is really good too:

And if you have the premium YouTube service, the series "Mind Field" is pretty great tbh.

@mawr @starkatt Oh heck yeah transfinite ordinals! One of those is my favorite infinite number.

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