When you're extremely frustrated with a bug in your code and start outputting debug logs to try to make sense of it all

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@mawr oh extreme mood, i'm doing this exact debug technique right now same energy, from earlier today.. i'm in a 00's emo phase i guess:

else {
Serial.println("\nXXX no i2c_dev init XXX");



I tend to have stuff like:
more stuff
even more stuff

@zetasyanthis @mawr We have access to incredibly powerful debuggers and yet we use print.

I love us nerds <3

@pmfrlyn @mawr

I know, right? I've been using Python for 10+ years, and have never touched PDB. O.o; (Granted, I got into the habit from microcontroller work, where UART prints are often the best you can do. :P)

@pmfrlyn @mawr

I also have to give mad props to the traceback module, which makes life way easier when doing error handling in multiple processes.

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