That feeling when you pick up code you wrote 5 years ago and dust it off to do some work for you again, and not only does it work first try with no errors but you're able to modify it quickly and easily because past you was good to future you :blobpatpat::blobsmilehappyeyes:

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@mawr All right but when that happens I get deeply suspicious that I'm overlooking something because it should *not* be that easy.

(Also a project last year I needed to expand considerably and the expansion just ... slotted in, with about one-twentieth the effort needed and I got *so* *paranoid* about that.)

@Austin_Dern Thankfully the output was easy to verify in this particular instance, but I totally feel you there. I always over-comment and over-document to an extensive degree when writing for the long term (eg: to help belay that paranoia. I guess because I have a terrible memory (Thanks ADHD! :blob_grinning_sweat: ).
If I don't, chances are extremely high that I'll come back to it later and get completely lost trying to figure out what I was thinking. :blobfrowningbig:

@mawr I ... inadequately comment, but I do have surprisingly good instincts for how to organize systems of things, and naming habits and such that are tolerably consistent. So at least I have a hope of figuring out what I was thinking.

The drawback is if I've learned a new and better way to code (Thing) in the last five years now the obvious way to organize stuff is based on *that* and I struggle to see why it would ever be Old That instead.

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