I'm finally playing Mass Effect Andromeda and I kinda love it?

But I kinda have to think of it as "Mass Effect does Destiny" (not like a true Mass Effect game) to feel that way about it, because sometimes the writing for major characters is just :blobwaitwhat: :blobfrowningbig: :blobcatgooglyshrug:

Mass Effect Andromeda spoilers [1] 

My character: *arrives from a 600 year journey between galaxies just one year after the plan (a 99.9% accurate travel estimate)*

Workers at our destination: "Oh, when you didn't show on time we assumed you were all dead"


Mass Effect Andromeda spoilers [2] 

My character: *arriving with the only ark ship to survive the journey (with 20,000 frozen colonists and literal tonnes of supplies) to a new space station in a new galaxy*

Leader of the space station that's almost out of crucial resources: Wait, you're not your father! I don't like you. You're our only hope: fuck you, I hope you fail.

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re: Mass Effect Andromeda spoilers [2] 

@mawr Andromeda went through some super dev hell... the ironic part of that is the game play is a lot of fun. Aurora and I played the hell out of the multiplayer with some other friends when it launched.

There are some good docs on what happened.. But at some it went from Narrative Semi-Linear IE ME3 to procedurally generated free form planetary exploration back to something more like the OG Trilogy... because of No Man Sky.

re: Mass Effect Andromeda spoilers [2] 

@mawr But also.. Vetra and Drack are GREAT!

re: Mass Effect Andromeda spoilers [2] 

@wobblewuffess Drack is my favorite Krogan so far

and that is a STAR STUDDED LIST. 🤩

re: Mass Effect Andromeda spoilers [2] 

@mawr He is so damn great, like perfect grumpy grandpa Krogan and I love him for it.

Plus he tries to cheer you up with pictures of guns!

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