I had to upgrade to Big Sur to make my company happy with me and now I can't use my old non-monthly-subscription-license of BBEdit :blobsad:

Anyone have recommendations for a nice efficient text editor with syntax highlighting and regex support that runs in Mac OS 11 (Big Sur)?

@wxcafe I feel like I'm going to end up using VIM some day because everything else ends up eventually turning to shit :blobsob:

At least with VIM, once you get used to its substantial quirks, you can be sure they'll remain consistent...

@mawr @wxcafe .hg move around with arrows, start inserting with i and stop with control-c, save with :w, quit with :q, whenever you wonder if there's a faster way to do something remember the answer is always yes and take a moment to find out what it is

off you go; happy editing! ^.^

@moonbolt @mawr @wxcafe Yeah! =^.^=

Also you can use Escape to stop insert mode, might be easier to remember.

If anyone tries to tell you you shouldn't use the arrow keys, ignore them. Arrow keys are perfectly fine.

@moonbolt @wxcafe
I know how to use vim, I just also know how to use a mouse, and can't use a keyboard all day without making my RSIs worse

So you keep your vim and be happy, and I'll continue to seek a decent GUI editor thanks :3

@mawr someone I posed the question to some folks I know and sublime text came up. I can't vouch for that one personally

VSCode works well for me on linux and has a big sur version. There is also codium wihch is the DE MS-ified version but uses a different marketplace

I use VS code with haskell, JS, Rust, C, even a little agda. Its pretty flexible

@electrocutie VS Code is what I'm using right now because it's just damned decent

But it also uses like a GB of RAM just to load a single text file, and while, I get it, that's what development looks like in 2021, that's fucking stupid and I'd be shocked if someone hadn't developed something more efficient than that

@mawr *nod* sublime text is native and lighter weight I'm told. Sorry for the second hand information!

@electrocutie No worries! Thank you for the reply! I will give Sublime a shot; it can't be worse than Atom! :blob_grinning_sweat:

@mawr What determines if something runs there or not? 64-bit compatibility?

I'd suggest Atom but it's not exactly lightweight...

(if you mean _editing_ efficiency, might be good for that though.)

@IceWolf Atom is something I'm familiar with and have used-- but found it to be unstable when I tried it 6 months ago (3 crashes inside of a week) and its framework required nearly a Gigabyte of RAM just to load a single plaintext file. This is the same problem Visual Studio Code has, but shockingly that seems to be a more efficient (and cross platform) editor...

I was hoping for something that runs natively in OS X, like atom, that is coded for efficiency (lighter framework). Like BBEdit was.

@mawr TextMate if you need Features; CotEditor if you need TextEdit But Good

@mawr kde's text editor, kate, is pretty featureful, non-electron, and supports os x. i couldn't tell you if it supports 11 but i'd say probably!

@mawr I recently updated to Big Sur (leapfrogging 3-4 versions lol) and so many things are broken/incompatible/look different :(

@mawr Uuugh, wtf.
Wish software could stop getting worse… wish everything could stop getting worse…

@kirby It's going to continue to get worse until we get some real and effective government regulation in place.

There's really only ~2 bodies in the world that could enact such legislation effectively enough that It'd change software globally: The European Union (see the GDPR for a recent example) and the USA.

The "right to repair" movement is finally gaining momentum enough to do something helpful, but that only affects the hardware. Software regulation will be a much harder battle to win.

@mawr I actually had half a post written about overthrowing capitalism, but yours seems more achievable.

(Also mine got very depressing which is why I deleted it.)

@kirby I hate capitalism but I'm willing to think of it as a potentially functional system that's gone fully off the rails. From that lens, the state of the software industry is just a symptom of that problem.

Regulation is the solution to this problem in most capitalist societies, but government regulation is applied with a sledgehammer, not a scalpel. Now that most of the world economy depends on an unregulated internet, there's basically no way to start the process without destroying things.

@kirby It's not like the industry doesn't self-regulate some, either. The world of software security is in-effect our only globally extant body for software regulation, and it exists to save corporate faces and costs and little else.

This problem happened before, with cars! 90s Fords were all ticking firebombs until the US Gov stepped in and forced an international recall. autosafety.org/ford-ignition-s

We need something like the NHTSA, but for internet-enabled software. That'd be a great step!


It looks like you can pay $30-50 for a non-subscription copy (depending on what you're upgrading from) if you go directly to Bare Bones? barebones.com/store/index.html

@anthracite Oooh! Thank you!! That's excellent news!! :blobcheer:

For a while, they were not offering single versions of their software, only a monthly paid subscription. Glad to see they're offering owned-for-life copies again. :blobsmilehappy:

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