Which do you think is correct?

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I didn't intend to but I sure did end up asking nonbinary people to categorize non-binary on a binary and uh :blob_grinning_sweat: :bloblaugh:

@mawr imo theyre both correct (or rather i dont even want to apply this concept to queer labels), i think ppl get to spell their labels how they feel is right

@mawr with dash feels "original" slash proper slash specific
But language should(hot take) trend toward nonambiguous contracted forms; "enby" is the 'correct' term in my head


Merriam-Webster has listed "nonbinary" (no hyphen) with citations going back to 1863.

@mawr I do kinda feel both work and also suggest that based on place names the English version should be "nonbinavereigh."

@mawr you left out non binary which would have made it non binary

@mawr I'm kinda curious about how the choice of hyphenation correlates with age. Are hyphens old-fashioned?

... old fashioned?

... oldfashioned?

@ElectricKeet @mawr

There are lots of unhyphenated '"non" words: "nonconsecutive", "nonrestrictive", "nontransferable", "nondestructive", "nonexistent", etc. Exactly which ones depends on your dictionary.

@ElectricKeet @mawr I think compound words tend to start with a hyphen and then if they remain in common use lose it

see also all the old time newspapers going "to-day.."

@mawr both but if I was like writing an academic paper or a news article I'd hyphenate it

@mawr My eyes say "non-binary" because it looks nicer but my brain says "nonbinary" because fuck typing a hyphen I don't need to

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