:blobnerd: Building tools to fuel fun projects 

I finally managed to use all of the 12 cores on my Mac Pro :blobnerd:

I'm really proud of that little script. I'm building out a bunch of custom transcoded videos with burned-in subtitles for a fun movie night project idea. The projector is 480p and the player only accepts 16GB cards, so smaller files are better. :blobowo:

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Explaining/Sharing the Code 

It takes a $SOURCE_VIDEO file and uses ffmpeg to get its resolution. If it’s more than 720p, it uses ffmpeg to re-encode it down to 480p, and in either case it burns in subtitles at the bottom of the screen, and saves the resulting file in a new place.

Here's the full code:

Note: Some modifications will be needed to use this on non-OS X based systems (to start, the sed arguments are different).

re: Explaining/Sharing the Code 

@mawr I bet it's actually a BSD vs. GNU thing – so maybe your script'd actually work flawlessly on a(nother) BSD!

re: Explaining/Sharing the Code 

@IceWolf It's possible it might! :blobsmilehappy:

I know Apple has their own builds of some things that differ from both though so I never assume. :blob_grinning_sweat:

:blobnerd: Building tools to fuel fun projects 

@mawr Just curious, do you use a tiling window manager (and if so, which one)?

:blobnerd: Building tools to fuel fun projects 

@0xDEFACE This is just OS X- I just lined things up nicely :blobuwu:

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