I have to say one of my favorite genres of women's clothing are what I'm going to call "business costumes". They're those things where they like stitch the shirt into a thing that kind of looks like it's supposed to be a jacket that's sitting on top of the shirt? I love them. Especially because when you're mostly talking to people over a video chat, they're something that you can just toss on and immediately look professional! :blobnerd:

Always felt like a costume, anyway. :blobuwu:

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@mycroft That really depends on your definition of "unusable" :blob_grinning_sweat:

I have one that has a chest pocket, but the fabric is super stretchy so anything you put in it just bounces around on top of your chest-- so no heavy things like a phone can reasonably go there :bloboh: That's basically unusable to me, but not to everyone so :blobcatgooglyshrug:

@mawr oh yeah, as opposed to the completely unusable non-costume pockets, I guess, where I suppose you could stash a small key or a worn-down golf pencil in an emergency

@mycroft True! Though it would be outlined clearly in the fabric. Maybe a card or something at most :bloblaugh:

@mawr I thank my privilege of being able to wear big cargo pants with huge pockets that I could fit a European car into

until I lost the free time to enjoy it, for a while I carried around my Switch Lite alongside two cell phones in the same pocket

@mycroft And I enjoy my privilege of never getting a funny look for always wearing a very comfortable purse-like messenger bag that has most everything I need in it at any given moment :blob_smile_hearts:

@mawr I used to carry a messenger bag a lot too! I actually forgot what I had in there compared to what I'm comfortable with carrying today. Probably a lot more lined paper notebooks and writing utensils before I gave up non-touchphone writing, maybe a D&D book and dice in case of emergency, mp3 player headphones and spare batteries maybe...

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