After much research I have concluded that "YouTube Shorts" is a largely meritless attention trap which is illustrated by the hesitation one feels when considering whether to share content from it :thaenkin:

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@mawr you cant even seek in the vids you have to watch to completion each time

@mawr I wouldn't mind it if they handled them the same way they did other videos, but instead they just loop and I hate that enough to never want to see one ever again

they might have other things I hate too but until they fix that I'm never going to find out

@mycroft @mawr I hate them for not having pause or rewind or a timer, myself. Also, and I say this aware that I'm marking myself as old, that apparently they're required to be vertical videos.

@mawr On top of being a difficult-to-escape huge timesink with no value, I have found that after a watching for a while it starts showing extremist right wing propaganda to me ::/

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