✨Soff✨ Mawr :heart_ace:🌹​

There's an Indie game called "Kobold Gardens", in which you can now apparently pet virtual Kobolds in VR! :D :DD

"Kobold Garden Update 5: Virtualbolds" [2:40]

@Oneironott @mawr Honestly the aesthetic of this video is absolutely ideal

@pooka And that's the best part: The developer is "uwusoft" :D

@mawr asfhagas that carrying pose the kobold does so CUTE

@mawr "There is no gameplay currently, you only run around and pet Kobolds on a basic level" - they make it sound like there needs to be more?


@mawr it's the heckin Chao Gardens but with Kobolds omg

This is the only reason VR should exist I NEED IT

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