No like, I really, really really like the wall... paper(?) in my hotel room

I had to try so hard to send my meatspace email address to a group text in Google Voice...

This is a photo of my dog Jack, under a coffee table, looking like he's a nervous messenger for the KGB.

I want you to have it. :blobuwu:


Weirdly nostalgic for old forum gifs

Remembering when I made a non-furry alias for posting on automotive forums. The name was "emoticon" and this was my avatar :blob_laughing:

Things that feel really good: Getting your desk set up just the way you like it with all the cables nicely managed :blobuwu:

It's so rad to actually have an office for the first time!! It makes the work/life separation so much easier.

When I was in Chicago last December, I took a video on the L in the downtown loop and it turned out pretty excellently considering it was dark af. :D

I was in the middle of something on my work computer but then VMWare decided it needed 33 GB of RAM at its disposal at a time when I was already using 90% of the 16GB of physical memory I have. :thonk:

My poor laptop hardlocked itself while desperately trying to Make It Work with swap :blobnotlike:

I really like the "missing avatar" placeholder image in Mastodon

It's so gosh darned :sparkles_nb: cute :sparkles_trans:

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