this Vice article about unabashedly playing the same song over and over again in shitty bars:

"I played 'The Boys Are Back in Town' on a Bar Jukebox Until I Got Kicked Out".

Dictation is ~5 minutes, the rest is associated music. :blobwink:

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Sharing something spectacularly soff: :blob_aww:
Shoutout to our soff frens in Korea for providing a COVID-safe audience at Major League Baseball events!! :blobcheer:

This squeaky toy looks like an artist's rendition of how aliens might describe a football after spending exactly 1 hour in Texas

Showing the pollution difference in San Jose, California 

What follows are two photos, both taken from the Quimby Rd. Hill in San Jose. The first was taken by @Earthshine yesterday, the second was taken by me in March of 2015 from the hill directly above the spot Earth took his photo (The first telephone pole in his photo is the third one in mine).

I'm extremely pleased with my decision to name my character "DANGIT!!" in this game. :blobuwu:

Updated our mascot image and added a new emojo to accompany it! :blob_aww_covid:

Totally works. :blobcheer:

I didn't even tightly roll mine and it came out lookin' very much like a soft friend. :blobuwu:

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I just tried this and it totally works! :blob_aww:

For times when you need to deploy a soft friend to someone in need and all you have is a towel, maybe. :thinkhappy:

Neat mask trick for people with glasses: put a safety pin in the top center of the mask to keep your glasses from sliding off

(photo cw: eye contact)

I made a lil' ditty about staying inside and one of my best methods of dealing with pandemic-related anxiety :blobuwu: 

"Everything is Normal (don't look outside)"

It's swing-esque :blob_laughing:

Heroes Amidst the Coronavirus 

Heroes are around us every day, friends. These are days in which they could really use our support and celebration.

This is a 65 year old Nurse Practitioner who works at the University of Washington, Seattle. She's heading in to work to fight COVID-19 with a smile that soothes the soul.

Her son can't wait until this outbreak (and thus her care-giver quarantine) is over so she'll let him give her a great big hug. ❤️


Hey , just a reminder that I have some CSS snippets that help improve the stock Mastodon web client available here:

My fav is the notifications mod. Now that I have it, I can't live without it.

Cw: Transphobia, Seattle TSA 

I tested the Seattle TSA with this presentation today.

Grade: D-.
Frisked, harassed, I think intentionally misgendered, forced through two scanners.

This is a very different experience from the usual conservative presentation

So, interesting thing to note. The Seattle TSA actively punishes trans folks for presenting as trans (which was my hypothesis).

Today my little boye took a nap on my bed, and all was good in his world. :blob_aww: :corgi:

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