This weekend I bought home a new friend! They're an uwu-icorn blob and I love them :blobuwu:

MastoAdmin: v3 Bug Report Submitted for "Custom Emojis" page (Can no longer tell if shortcode is in use or not) 

I just went through and organized all of ✨Plush✨ City's emojo into categories which should hopefully make our custom emojos easier to find. :D

This is one of the best new features of Mastodon 3 IMHO. Super nice to have that nicely sorted now. ^^

These "Squishable" orb ✨plush✨ frens are getting so realistic! :blobaww:

Finally found a solution to intermittent connectivity loss with Bluetooth pointing devices in Mac OS X 

I was just looking at older photos and thought I'd share this throwback to 2012 when I used to rock the tight pants and bright stripey socks look :blobuwu:

How I've kept my hair dye looking fresh for 4 months [1/2] 

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