Always get the whipped cream at Beth's Cafe. ♥ ♥ ♥ (Cw: food)

I think the waitress is flirting with me :blobblush:

So @kelseyhusky and I took a week off to get stuff around the house done and we've been doing a lot of the things! This one in the kitchen (light fixture) makes me v happy.

🐥 @missbird scares
all the boys from the yard

and they're like
:blobfrowning: "she smol but she fears"

damn right, ✊
she smol but she fears

She could teach you,
but first open your ears

because it's Monday and that means that while there are folks around, there's nobody with time to play with him right now.

because his sister is outside and he is inside and it's just not fair (even though he was just outside while his sister was inside).

Tired: Google Stadia (2019)

Wired: Sega Channel (1994)

Wireless: Not paying companies a monthly subscription fee to access your games (∞)

I turned off the setting that hides duplicate boosts so now when a real good toot comes through it fills my timelines

This was both an excellent and terrible decision. :D

I love my friends ♥️ (cw: banks, violence, death) Show more

Whoa. Birdsite REALLY does not do well with having their user tracking scripts blocked at the network level...

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