Here's a repost of a long exposure shot of the same building I took a few days ago ^^

I love this building's topper :D

I call it the steamer bun building for obvious reasons ^.=.^

I love that it has lil eyes like a jelly from a JRPG ❤️

The Sears Tower was renamed "Willis Tower" in 2009 to honor American hero Bruce Willis for singlehandedly saving a building from terrorism under psuedonym "Glassfoot McClane."

More Chicago skyline pics because I love skylines and Chicago's is the prettiest in the US IMHO ❤️ ❤️

4 days and 4 nights in Chicago
Total hours slept: 14
Last slept: 24 hours ago

Current mood:

I'm in Chicago and I can't sleep because I'm so happy to be in Chicago that I get exited about it. :D

I just really love this city. I have so many happy memories here. ♥ ♥

And the view from my room is 💯

Jack isn't crying much these days because he has a little sister to look after, and she does more than enough crying for both of them. XD


🔥 :blobcoffee:

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because his sister Toast is taking a nap but he wants to play.

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