Food hack (cw: 🥚, 🥓) 

Canning jar rings make perfect egg molds for breakfast sandwiches :blob_aww:

:blobnerd: Building tools to fuel fun projects 

I finally managed to use all of the 12 cores on my Mac Pro :blobnerd:

I'm really proud of that little script. I'm building out a bunch of custom transcoded videos with burned-in subtitles for a fun movie night project idea. The projector is 480p and the player only accepts 16GB cards, so smaller files are better. :blobowo:

I really like the DALL•E mini photo generator :blob_aww:

I asked for a dragon playing a saxophone. :dragnmlem:

A while ago I asked an AI somewhere (with a URL I can't remember and wish I could) to create cloud cities and fae foxes and these were my favorite results :blob_aww:

Do any of y'all get excited when you see a lot of new growth on pine trees or is that just me :blob_aww: :blob_grinning_sweat:

It's Pride Month!

This year more than ever, if it's safe for you, please: show your colors. There's a lot of reason to be afraid, but there's always joy to be found in our communities. It's important to celebrate that and remind us all how good it can be-- especially in these dark times.
After all, isn't a rainbow brightest in a dark sky? :blob_aww:

(Art by the amazing @Claire! )
[image cw: eye contact]

We have Black-Capped Chickadees nesting on a light in the rafters right above our front door :blob_aww:

I just saw mom bringing home a snack :blob_smile_hearts:

Airsoft Gun Range 

I set up a little mini BB gun range in my garage with these super simple funnel-style target holders and they're so fun! :blob_aww:

I got 3 of them and set them up on different walls and elevations. Since the open space in the garage is often used to store boxes for mutual aid kit making and such, it's a constantly changing obstacle course, too!

It's just fun to pop into the garage, run through an airsoft mag and not only is there no clean-up, I can re-use the BBs! :blobcheer:

You can ✨plush✨ if you want to
Making friends, fabric and twine
Cause if your friends are soff
Then you can get soff
Snuggle up and then unwind :blobmelt:

You can ✨plush✨ if you want to
Ride inside the dryer spin
If you find a stitch
That needs a good wish
Try your luck with a ✨plush✨ djinn!

The "Ugliness" of Bad People 

With all the really ugly things happening in the world right now, a lot of folks are understandably looking for reasons to hate the terrible people who hold the blame. One I see people fixate on time and time again are components of physical appearance, and that sucks. Of all the things to focus on!!

Fascists are ugly because of the things they do, have done, and wish to do; not because of someone's subjective opinions regarding their physical appearance.

On being an "aspiring antiracist" 

If you've ever wondered why I say I'm an "aspiring" antiracist, this kind of thing is why.

Ibram X. Kendi describes racism and anti-racism extremely well in his book, "How to be an Antiracist." He draws clear borders around these concepts and speaks honestly about how racist ideas (and thus racism itself) is embedded within us all, knowingly and unknowingly.

None of us are truly free of racist ideas. None of us are always anti-racist and never racist.

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