I'm trying to grow lil' baby apple trees from the seeds of a Cosmic Crisp apple! :blobcheerbounce:

Today they're popping up and reaching for the sun (lamp) :blob_aww:

Seattle: Call for Mutual Aid Donations! 

Hello friends! I'm here to talk about a Mutual Aid effort going on in Seattle that's directly helping a lot of homeless: The Thomas Street Mini Park Mutual Aid Pop-up. They're on site every Saturday from 11am-4pm.

Every dollar spent here will go directly to the homeless. No charity can do that.

They have an Amazon Wish List: tinyurl.com/tsmpwishlist

And also take donations (recurring monthly would be great if you can spare it!) donorbox.org/tsmp

I have a ficus tree that started as like 10 saplings, so over the years I gently pulled them together. I found advice online that said to get them to merge, they had to be kept tight together and moistened periodically to encourage growth, so I wrapped them tightly in paracord, and whenever I water it, I water the paracord, too.

6 months later: It's working!! :blobcheer:

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❄️ :corgi: ❄️ :corgi: ❄️
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