Guess who's birthday it is! :D Show more

Making Music :blob_aww: Show more

Seattle Snowstorm Show more

We're uh, getting kinda snowed in here. :bloblewd:

They're expecting another 5" starting at noon today, too. :blobdrool:

And then even more tomorrow. :blobfearful:

I went out to the local park to take some photos of all the snow around lake Washington! Along the little walkway to the dock, some kids had left messages for us in the snow!! :D :D

My house almost burned down yesterday! Show more

I got to walk Jack and Toast in the snow today!! :blobgrin:

And @missbird got to come with 'cause they cancelled school today! :blobcheerbounce: She wore her Pikachu kigarumi because of course she did. :3

The pups had such a good time -- the 3" (7cm) we got was about the same length as their stubby little corgo legs. :blobuwu:

I made an anthem for work today. Show more

I love this game, aptly named "Really Bad Chess."

I'm barely avoiding getting trampled by a stampede of horsies XD

a lot today because, well, look at him ;o;

Recovering from paw surgery boye has to wear the cone of protection so he doesn't lick it.

Cw: sad puppy, surgery Show more

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