I'm gonna haul a trailer across the country again :blobwhee:

Anybody west of MN on I-90 who needs stuff shipped west on I-90, uh, hit me up I guess? I'm leaving tomorrow morning :blobuwu:

I am choosing to believe this is an incredibly named construction company partnership between a man and a nonbinary person. :blob_aww:

US Politics; Journalism 

Yet another morning where The Guardian's incredibly normalizing power of obscene tone deafness knows no bounds. :blobnotlike:

Those things definitely belong in the same summary paragraph.

Feels about my late dad and his music 

This was a song my dad and I bonded over ❤️

I've been arranging a mix CD of his music and crying all day :blobsob:

I really enjoy taking photos from airplanes

The heat made for hazy, dreamy sunset photos and really clear, crisp night shots

Terri (my truck) is hiding under the tree that was planted when I was born. :blobsmilehappy:

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When you're extremely frustrated with a bug in your code and start outputting debug logs to try to make sense of it all

Happy Birthday, George Carlin (cw: politics) 

His words helped people like me see through the bullshit decades ago, and they still ring true now. He inspired so many that have come after him, many of whom have since retired and passed their crowns onto a third generation of comedians, all of them just- telling us how it really is out there, but without making us feel so alone in the process.

The video is of his "American Dream" segment from 2005.

(transcript available: shoqvalue.com/george-carlin-on)

I'm trying to grow lil' baby apple trees from the seeds of a Cosmic Crisp apple! :blobcheerbounce:

Today they're popping up and reaching for the sun (lamp) :blob_aww:

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