ok whichever one of you folks made this is my new favorite person :blobheart: :blobbloc:

Toast likes to bask in the sun but she's also extremely fluffy and mostly black, so she overheats easily :bloboh:

So I'll hear her panting heavily and staring at me until I turn a fan on to cool her off. But she refuses to move, otherwise :bloblaugh: :corgi:

1859 Lynching of John Brown the Abolitionist 

On this day in 1859, Abolitionist John Brown was lynched for raiding the federal arsenal in Harper's Ferry, VA in an attempt to start an uprising of the enslaved people of color in the region; an act defined as Treason against the US by federal courts at the time.

I recently stumbled upon this painting depicting John Brown's final moments, and I had to share it with y'all.

Last night I put some off-grid lighting in our new shed! :blobsmilehappy: 

I found some USB LED light strips that worked really nicely and ran them through a USB hub to a USB power switch (!!!) and plugged that all into a battery pack. :blobsmilehappyeyes:

I was really surprised by how bright it was!! And by my estimations, that 12000 mAh battery should keep the lights on in there for at least ~4-5 hours on a charge- perfect for any project I might need to do in there. :blobsmilehappyeyes:

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Excuse me but did you know that Traget provides these very extremely useful videos about tehir porducts? Please note the functional triangular design! :blob_aww:

:blobnerd: gay anime terminal 

Today in things I didn't know I needed: a bash script that prints "see you space cowgirl" in rainbow. Suggested usage: your bash logout script. :blob_aww:


US Politics, George Carlin 

George Carlin's rant on "The American Dream" continues to only become more and more relevant each year.

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