If you've been considering running a ✨soff✨ instance, soff.social is currently unregistered and available :blobowo:

Mastodon CSS Snippet: Embiggen Emojos 

Hay frens! What are you using? Most of the ones I was subscribed to have shut down. ^^;

MastoAdmin: v3 Feature Request Submitted for "Custom Emojis" page (Emoji Category Management Interface) 

MastoAdmin: v3 Bug Report Submitted for "Custom Emojis" page (Can no longer tell if shortcode is in use or not) 

Hey - has anyone figured out how to delete emoji categories yet? :blobconfused:

Also, is there no way to tell which emojos are on your instance and which ones aren't when doing a search, now? That would really suck. :blobsad:

Okay failing that, could one of you lovely folks copy and paste the help command for tootctl somewhere and link it?

Hey , is there any documentation outlining the commands available in tootctl? It seems shocking to me that I can't find anything on the subject online outside of peacemeal changelog updates and toots requesting fuctionality.

Instance Block Recommendation 

One of the neat side-effects of adding custom CSS to squish favorites and boosts is that it makes me want to post more :D

For any folks who might want to use this, I've published the CSS here:

I'm really happy about the new feature that lets you pass account requests through an approval queue. The spam bots that would normally have successfully created accounts that would then sit idle for ages are instead just pasting their messages into the "Reason" field for immediate denial! :blobuwu:

Now if only Gargamel hadn't ruined the homepage with this boxy monstrosity over which we have absolutely no creative control... :blobnotlike:

Hey , I have a heavily customized CoC that I'm no longer able to update as of the latest release (2.8). Is there a workaround for this problem for someone who's hosting with @mastohost?

Otherwise, I'm going to have to find a way to completely re-structure my entire CoC.... :blobnotlike:

Instance Block Recommendation: honey.church (Transphobia/Aphobia) 

Wanna become a ?

The domain cutie.town is currently available.

Just sayin'. :blobuwu:

Hey ! I saw someone a while back share a command that would stop SideKick from attempting to communicate with dead instance domains, but I can't seem to find it! Could any of y'all help me out? :blobsmile:

Hey frens with open registrations - make sure you're keeping an eye on new account registrations. There's been a HUGE uptick in bot registrations, and their naming lists are starting to look genuine.

I've seen these accounts suddenly start spamming like crazy and/or doing all sorts of other nefarious things. The IPs are a mix of origins that looks pretty similar to a botnet.

If it's a new account that doesn't post or follow anyone for a couple days, it's probably a bot.

MastoAdmin: Exploit Script Bots or Spammers? 

I've noticed a bunch of Mastodon communities have a fancy and much nicer looking public web UI-- is that just something that's not in a stable release yet, or am I just missing it for some reason on my instance?

I wonder how split Mastodon will have to become before Gargron will actually consider making Mastodon properly modular.

Admins could install only the features they want, and feature development would be unburdened from the requirement of running a fully separate fork. There's nothing but wins to be had here.

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