MastoAdmin: New "Server Rules" REST plans? 

Just found out about the new "Server Rules" feature! I saw they're available via REST API; Does anyone running relays or instance-finding services have plans to implement display of these rules?

I already have custom HTML in place doing this work; mostly curious to see if there's any benefit to using the server rules feature instead, since the addition of REST availability is the only difference between them (aside from styling, of course).

Yet another reason for (especially smaller) instances to keep new accounts held in an application queue: 

User migrations can stack up fast :blobsweats:

Mastoadmins: Please check your instances and switch new users to approvals only! There's another bot mass-creating accounts 

Lots of auto-generated accounts last night- please check your instances for random character string accounts!

Note for folks: I'm starting to see new account requests coming through from bots that look pretty genuine at first glance-- just very short "reason" statements. Looking up IPs via to find they seem to be primarily coming from Russia.

The spam bots and bad actors are out in record force in recent days.

folks: If you don't have moderating eyes on your instance 24 hours a day, I implore you: please move to approval-based registrations for the good of the fediverse.

Hey and friends of server admins, have you checked up on your friends' instances lately? :blobwhoa:

The recent LetsEncrypt bug has caused a lot of instances to suddenly have invalid certificates over the past few days.

It's causing lots of instances to drop off the fediverse, and a storm of delays in the back-end, so if your timelines seem slow, that's probably why.

My new favorite spam account request message:

"Hello! I like your site and useful communication. Thank. I will be overpowering my thoughts here. <a href=""></a>"

Hey , just a reminder that I have some CSS snippets that help improve the stock Mastodon web client available here:

My fav is the notifications mod. Now that I have it, I can't live without it.

If you've been considering running a ✨soff✨ instance, is currently unregistered and available :blobowo:

Mastodon CSS Snippet: Embiggen Emojos 

Because the Emojos 'round here can be hard to read sometimes and bumping them up 5px doesn't really hurt anything. :blobthumbsup:

Bumping up the size of the emojos in the emojo browser certainly doesn't hurt either! :blobwink: Both CSS snippets available here:

Hay frens! What are you using? Most of the ones I was subscribed to have shut down. ^^;

MastoAdmin: v3 Feature Request Submitted for "Custom Emojis" page (Emoji Category Management Interface) 

I've also just created a new feature request for the other thing I noticed was lacking: some kind of emoji category management interface.

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MastoAdmin: v3 Bug Report Submitted for "Custom Emojis" page (Can no longer tell if shortcode is in use or not) 

I put in a bug report for the issue with being unable to tell which emoji shortcodes are already in use when searching for emojis in the "Custom emoji" control panel.

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Hey - has anyone figured out how to delete emoji categories yet? :blobconfused:

Also, is there no way to tell which emojos are on your instance and which ones aren't when doing a search, now? That would really suck. :blobsad:

Okay failing that, could one of you lovely folks copy and paste the help command for tootctl somewhere and link it?

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Hey , is there any documentation outlining the commands available in tootctl? It seems shocking to me that I can't find anything on the subject online outside of peacemeal changelog updates and toots requesting fuctionality.

Instance Block Recommendation 

New freeze peach politically "conservative" instance just came online:

No CoC, and only this for a server description:
"A place where Conservatives can live free of leftist attacks. Free Speech reigns, we will not be muted!"

Free of leftist attacks while allowing free speech to reign AND they won't be silenced? On Mastodon? Good luck with that! :bloblul:

One of the neat side-effects of adding custom CSS to squish favorites and boosts is that it makes me want to post more :D

For any folks who might want to use this, I've published the CSS here:

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