Today I found out about a friend who's been doing a bunch of work on their phone because they don't have a computer and another friend offered their old laptop, and I'm gonna get it all fixed up for them, and it's gonna be so great :blob_aww:

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Real Life Compassion Challenge #1 [2/2] 

Any way! In person, online, via note- whatever works; But be specific! Folks are easily confused by compliments (because they're so rare)!

Here's a template:

Hey [their name or description],
I really appreciate [the thing they did]. I know it may not seem important, but you really made my day better.
-[your name or description (if in text)]

Bonus: Tell about it! :blob_aww:

Now go do the thing, fren! I believe in you! :blobsmilehappyeyes:

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