@SunSaint john h. pronouns was a gatekeeping motherfucker and I will hear nothing of this!

@tom Migration delays are always so aggravating; I get anxious just thinking about them. :blobsob:

You're gonna get through this my varyingly-newtonian fluid fren!! :blobhug:

statement from our official slime spokesperson, @masklayer:

UNPLANNED OUTAGE: We have received reports that the slime dot global service is currently unavailable. We have investigated the issue and have confirmed that the slime is simply taking an unplanned sad nap. We will gently boop the goop & share further updates as they are available.

@kelseyhusky That's a good framing for that!!

I've been noticing we've had a lower tolerance for becoming disheartened in response to dead-ends lately and this is absolutely the right way to look at it.

Progress is one step at a time-- and moments of back-tracking are just important learning experiences along the greater path to progress.

Now! How to keep this mindset in the middle of project hell? :blobnotlike:

So Marten, the Marble Machine guy, just axed a few components from the MMX to redesign their whole system. And as an engineer-brain having person, I loved him for it.

"Pain is temporary, Glory is forever"

Its a wonderfully badass declaration, and his dark lighting and rock background music made for some truly epic Youtube.

That said, it leaves a little bit to be desired for accommodating nuance and the realities of existence, but it's a nice ideal to strive toward.

As a non-binary punk ✨plush,✨ I must say I feel very well represented in Borderlands 3. :blobuwu:

@pendragon @orrery @zx3 @makyo @Soreth @starkatt
Shoutout to "Balex" from Borderlands 3 - the result of a combination of "Barry" and "Alex" :thumbs_up_paw_nx40:

(also a ✨plush✨!!! :blobaww:)

(representation is important!!)

Picture idea:
It's @hyperlink but in a yellow-white sash that says "MAYO-ER" on it in Hellman's Blue

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