@Mycroft (I am familiar-- and I'll never watch that again because I LIVED that for 8 years. XD

I was the only technically capable web designer/developer in a world class but previously print-only shop transitioning (stubbornly and poorly) to the internet. :blobsweat:

This toot brought to you by Critically Looming and Under-scoped Deadlines! :blob_grinning_sweat:


🧠 🔛 :sm64_a::sm64_d::sm64_h::sm64_d: :

I am amazing!! I can do the seemingly impossible! I just have to leave myself literally no other option. :blobsweats:

re: antifa shitpost 

@DogMotif Yesterday I saw a wifi-enabled air purifier

Air purifiers are literally just a fan with a filter on the intake side. That's all air purifiers are.


@n0btc That would be very secure but not very user-friendly. What if someone wants to leave for a couple months and come back later? Managing that could get tricky.

At Plush City, I just have a rule that accounts are expected to interact with the greater community in some way, and accounts that don't do so within a week are warned and then removed.

That's caught all the spam bots that manage to make it past the application process.

They call them "Electricians" because they're the only ones who get to vote in elections

my friend @frengers got me a really cute Goodra charm for my phone and this is a powerful combo 💜💜💜

@001zlnv Something that helped me a lot was making a core essentials list and knowing that if everything on that list was with me, I'd still forget something important but I could survive without it. X3

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