@lizzubee Spicy wind is the fucken worst :blobfrowningbig:

Hope the side effects clear quickly friend :blobheart:

didn't realize the skirt i was looking at was a tennis skirt until 10 very surreal seconds after seeing this on the page

@heatherhorns wrist brace like for carpal tunnel? I've got some great suggestions, and would happily buy you a set of my favorites if that works :blobheart:

in the interest of totally walking out of my comfort zone, today's studies are bikes from fury road

#MastoArt #CreativeToots

@Mycroft I'm glad we live in countries where you're still free to do crimes :blobcoffee:

I hear it's illegal to do crimes in Sweden :blobfrowningbig:

@Siph With the power of magnets you might have a paper holder at least :thinkhappy:

mastodon.offline, the instance where you have to actually send your posts through the postal system

New Mastodon logo v2c (improved).really.Copy Of Final(2).svg.png.jpg.bmp.jpg.jpg.jpeg.jpg.jpg.webp


@deejvalen is your only regret that you have bonitus? :thaenkin:


Can't remember if I boosted this here or on twitter but DoomRPG ported to pc after being reverse engineered and it's...


shit it's actually pretty fun lmao

@tsunderdog Plex is amazing and wonderful and I hope it never changes. :blob_aww:

@InternetEh That's my favorite painter :blobheart:

His latest painting of the Federal Reserve ablaze with a gallows out front is also very good imho :blobbloc:

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