next Friday, June 5th ✨🦈✨

Bandcamp doin another fee waiver for artists. that means more direct funding!

if y'all got anything you've been meaning to get, that's a good damn day to do it

Okay yes protect trans kids absolutely

But also


Teach trans kids how to dye their hair

Apple Health in Washington State, looking for advice 

I'm belatedly applying for Apple Health here in Seattle, and as a final step, they're asking me to select a managed care plan, but I don't think I have enough information to make a decision.

Does anyone have any information or advice I could use? I'd sincerely appreciate it. xwx;

following new people is cool because it opens up this growing web of replies you otherwise wouldn't have noticed in the home timeline, revealing the ways in which your internet acquaintances are, themselves, internet acquaintances of one another

Walking your dog with a towel over your shoulder during a rainstorm is certainly a look :blobuwu:

what I'm saying is, deciding what you can and can't do based on the words you use to describe yourself is completely cart before the horse. do the thing, and if you like it, a new word may be in order.

let yourself fantasize about the thing. swoon over the cutie. Google the sex act. buy the outfit. wear the outfit. use the new name. talk the new way. you don't have to understand it yet; but letting the impulse happen might clarify things!

Gender is like this whole thing invented by the cis that some folks are stealing and making gay :blob_aww:

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