all right which one of you named a fleet carrier "catgirl costco" in elite

re: as seen on twitter, free psychic damage 

@holly @acciomath ah. Well, it's probably for the best. :bloblaugh:

re: as seen on twitter, free psychic damage 

@acciomath @holly I don't suppose you have a link? I want to uh. Check out the uh. The shadow of the thing. Yes. The thread shadow, so that I can recognize the danger in the future. Yes. That is the reason. :blobcatcamera:

Re: dreams, those who are gone (-) 

@Soreth *hugs very soff*

It's cheaper to have groceries delivered than to tell yourself that you'll go shopping later, neglect to out of exhaustion, and then order fast food anyway after spinning your wheels from hours of guilt-ridden hunger.

(Which is all the more reason why we need basic income and ready access to essentials regardless of income.)

Ok goddamn I am done with dev tonight.

I had to go in and make the prisoner not look like an oompa loompa, and I got carried away making a Sonic sprite too.

I made a Blue Sphere demo, because ever since I was a little girl I wanted to use the fake 3D effect of Blue Sphere to make a game about a woman busting out of space prison.

Today I'm gonna be soff :blobuwu:

Tomorrow I'm gonna be… soff :blobuwu:

when people in your life tell you they would prefer you use a different pronoun for them;
instead of complaining, protesting, and making excuses for why it's too hard for you to do, why not try being like these kids?

Sup, nerds. Wanna buy some software on floppy disks? Of course you do. That's why I'm selling msync, my command line mastodon client, on floppies! I have builds for Linux, OSX, and Windows ready to ship.

And if floppies aren't your thing, I have these lovely Office of Consensus Maintenance stickers, too.

I accept orders by internet, fax, and mail.

@dogo @FamiliarAlien @PsyChuan
It is somehow in a superposition of both being a shitpost (to those of us lacking the proper context and understanding) and a highly technical demonstration :blobmindblown:

I love this low detail cat model Wikipedia used to try to explain how cats land on their feet.

re: [1.Ch.] Orthcosm 

@orrery The mantra I've been focusing on is (and forgive the term it's not mine): "Human-Centered Design" as a concept, which can be used to describe an interface which is accessible to the disabled, intuitive, and provides an invisible delivery of content. :blobuwu:

I've been trying to think of everything I create online through that lens first. :blobsmilehappyeyes:

@SuperCee Both are acceptable! Though the latter could have multiple meanings. :blobuwu: :bun_pats:

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