is in a bag
is in a bag
is in a bag
is in a bag

Yeah... Ha Ha!
Finally someone let me out of my bag
Now, time for me is something and it's starting to drag
Now I'm certainly queer
and that I'm is a we're
'cause together we're here
and we're perking our ears

@Altivo There are options for acoustic modems over voip, amusingly called moip! :D

@Altivo I had at one point considered getting a VoIP line just so I could have a modem again for things like BBSes and the odd nostalgia of connecting to dial-up internet services

...and then it dawned on me how ridiculous an idea that was. :bloblul:

Now I'm picturing a ✨plush✨ Clydesdale in a suit of armor. :thinkhappy:


@Altivo @makyo
"Bad tempered" just means grumpy and in need of gentle teasy-pokes in my experience. :3

@Altivo I dunno, I liked the ridiculousness of a cassette adapter to play cassettes with. :D

I wonder how awful it would sound if you chained 5 together? :thaenkin:

Or ten? :thaenking:

@balrogboogie They are and they have a new album coming out this summer!

I saw Third Eye Blind in concert last night and I'm still pretty weepy about it ♥️

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