making a game where you take pics of fish as a cute lil dog

An Introductory Guide to the Art of Bapping Things [2/9] 

The Bapper:
A - Beans. Soft and for squishing
B - Thumb. The mark of an enlightened animal. Optional.
C - The Pad. Incredibly powerful. Soft. Absorbs impact from high-speed bapping.
D - Mini-Pad. Optional, capable of strong follow-ups to beeps.
E - Fluff. Fluffy.

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yall. i commissioned @fluxom_art again and she fucking knocked it out of the park

its kai doing some self maintenance :dragnhearteyes:

Just got this achievement, without cheating. Real #gameing takes dedication.

re: Meta (cw: :blobnerd:

@MadestMadness OH you're talking about a different thing!!!

That's not a cool thing. :blobfrowningbig:

re: Meta (cw: :blobnerd:

@MadestMadness Only if they've favorited a bunch of 'em -- or somehow enable full-text-search on all posts instead of the default of just ones they've interacted with :3

re: adhd question [2/2] 

What "correct treatment" for ADHD looks like is probably not all too dissimilar from a categorical standpoint as what correct treatment for Gender Identity Disorder looks like: it's whatever enables you to live as comfortable a life as you're able to, given your specific circumstances.

Nobody can tell you what that is except you, because no one else can truly understand your qualia. if you're feeling debilitated, it might be time to try a change!

re: adhd question [1/2] 

Preface: you probably already know this but to provide context for the next bit:

There's no cure for ADHD, just coping mechanisms. Some are mental and internal (routine, mindset, mind-over-matter, willpower training), some are physical and external (fidgets and stimming as examples), but the most effective ones are chemical. Every option is just a crutch, none of them truly relieve symptoms, just give you tools to deal with them.

So with all of that in mind...

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