How do I type on a keyboard when I'm a plush? It's easy! I just-

*presses keyboard and just squishes in his paw*

I just-

*does the same thing, with the same result*

*looks distressed*

@derek No need to apologize!

Honestly, that's the only reasonable way to enjoy a Hot Monster™ Energy Drink

gonna be closing this next week bc i need to make The Payment on September 3. But one more time, here is my top surgery GFM! I'll be doing sketches for any furries that donate $25 or more, so if you do, feel free to drop a ref in the replies.

Please boost if you can! <3

An inksperiment that I did today. The red is acrylic ink, the black is india ink. Minor edits in photoshop. Finally seeing what this paper that I bought months ago can do.

Tacoma FD is way better than it deserves to be. XD

@AzureHusky Augh! I'm sorry fren ;o;

from what I recall that means you're just low on refrigerant. That's a service call, but hopefully not a super expensive one at least!

tell my mother i’m getting owned, i have been destroyed by facts and logic

re: travel, excitement 

re: travel, excitement 

re: travel, excitement 

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