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re: Musings about climate change 

re: Musings about species survival (cw: hella grim) 

It's an activity with what is almost certainly the most subjective experience of any activity I can think of.



orange is called roberta now, I have named it

If you ever need to get the point across to some nerd how fucking broken the patent system is, apparently WotC managed to patent ***TURNING A CARD SIDEWAYS***.

capitalist hellscape, some help requested 

@Cables I've been playing it on my phone and it's been 100% awesome, but modding the phone app is a lot harder. :blobwhoa:

affecting a punk edge to my aesthetic to let the world know i am a thinly contained reservoir of softness, but a contained one


Ride your own heat draft over the embers of your past.

(Which is to say I support efforts to separate church and state)

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