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The ongoing electrical saga of Gateway Station [2/2] 

The ongoing electrical saga of Gateway Station [1/2] 

I'm tired of people giving speeches on illegal drugs. They should wait for the drugs to wear off first.

Seattle Area: Winter Storm Warning Update 

tired: I'm a billionaire running for public office
wired: I'm a billionaire running for my life

Been feeling cruddy lately, forcing myself to take time off work. HOWEVER I’m super stoked to see that my ✨plush✨ punk stickers arrived! They turned out great!

Photos are of stickers in a purple plaid pattern with the words “plush punk” written in a stylized heavy cursive font. The last photo features the sticker being held by a plush, pink sea otter.

I sure don't understand horny people but I love y'all just the same :heart_ace:

*waves bottle of lactaid pills*

The Struggle Is Real 

Analogy for being Non-Binary in 2019 (cw: transphobia) 

My house almost burned down yesterday! 


I got to walk Jack and Toast in the snow today!! :blobgrin:

And @missbird got to come with 'cause they cancelled school today! :blobcheerbounce: She wore her Pikachu kigarumi because of course she did. :3

The pups had such a good time -- the 3" (7cm) we got was about the same length as their stubby little corgo legs. :blobuwu:

lewd ❄️ 

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