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Boomer: things should be more like the good old days
Me: yes they should
Boomer: wait no not like that

Snapshot of US Public Education: IEPs [2/2] 

Snapshot of US Public Education: IEPs [1/2] 

sure, when some goon on the birdsite said "Gritty is a worker" Gritty went on to become a symbol of radical leftism but when I said "Mater is a worker" you all scurried and fled from the truth

I'm pretty sure it's safe to say my favorite band in the world is Mother Mother.
Like, just, *flailingly gestures at *

IF ANYONE in king coynty washington needs a roommate i have no power and no heating so id really like to move asap please dm me


beep beep I'm a fax

beep beep I'm a fax

Apparently all of my posts today are musical in nature :thaenkin:


🎵: Lemaitre - Rocket Girl (Featuring Betty Who) 

The next time I go snowboarding I need to bring a Bluetooth speaker to play this song on :D

Breath of the Wild watercolor studies. I have not stopped playing this game, nor have I stopped taking screenshots half the time.

#art #MastoArt #CreativeToots #BreathOfTheWild

Got bored during training I've already done. So I did my usual idle animation and played some Tetris.

Challenge my score and post your own!

Tfw you're doing a bit of light browsing before digging into work, and you stumble across these. >w>

@mawr @scoliwings Arms and arms and legs! We give you the whole cuddle. That's 67% more cuddle per cuddle!

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