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Dogs and Impromptu Terminology: Mouth Jousting! 

I'm really happy about the new feature that lets you pass account requests through an approval queue. The spam bots that would normally have successfully created accounts that would then sit idle for ages are instead just pasting their messages into the "Reason" field for immediate denial! :blobuwu:

Now if only Gargamel hadn't ruined the homepage with this boxy monstrosity over which we have absolutely no creative control... :blobnotlike:

i'm having so much fun fiddling around and jamming and layering in new sounds. I don't know how to record what I'm making so far lol so here's a bad video of it.

This is one of the menus currently in active rotation at Beth's Cafe in Seattle :3

A:, my disk, my floppy disk
B:, another disk to run
C:, the name I call myself
D:, another partition
F:, a network-loaded drive
H:, my home dir far away
Z:, the last I can assign
And that brings us back to

Concept art for Sony Pictures Animation's "Popeye" by Aurélien Predal.

Good mawrning!

Have a quick Telegram video of some very happy corgi babies this morning :D

Plushies are diverse, there are so many types of soft!

Some cishet white male celebrities with less toxic views 

On Being Bad at Pacing Myself 

:blobthinking: about Steven Universe, Trauma, Lars 

Hey frens!

There's a Lyft and Uber strike scheduled for tomorrow (Wednesday, May 8th) from 7am to 9pm. Using their services at all during that time constitutes crossing a picket line.

:sm64_d::sm64_o::sm64_n::sm64_quote::sm64_t: :sm64_b::sm64_e:
:sm64_a: :sm64_s::sm64_c::sm64_a::sm64_b::sm64_p::sm64_l::sm64_z: ❤️

Lyft is apparently giving out free credit to some folks to break the line. Don't do it at all.

cops harassing journalists, ACAB 

Just PNW things... 

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