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"A trio of physicists from the National Autonomous University of Mexico and Tec de Monterrey has solved a 2,000-year-old optical problem—the Wasserman-Wolf problem. In their paper published in the journal Applied Optics, Rafael González-Acuña, Héctor Chaparro-Romo, and Julio Gutiérrez-Vega outline the math involved in solving the puzzle, give some examples of possible applications, and describe the efficiency of the results when tested."

Good News for Folks with Disabilities! 

This store can't sell jorts anymore. There's a jortage

Looking for recommendations on dragony romance novels where the dragon(s) *don't* shapeshift into humans.

hey to fellow sjws and gays looking at the federated tl are there any gay and trans and fun wow guilds that i can please join i will literally play on any realm

do y'all drink the magic 8 ball fluid from a cup or directly from the ball?

Ultimately I chose to call and leave an anonymous two-fold complaint. 

Our local waste removal service put a big dent in my car this morning when their truck's pneumatic arm set the garbage can back down. :blobnotlike:

I'm torn between my blue collar worker solidarity feels, knowing I can probably fix that damage myself, and my outrage at having my baby screwed up by a fucken pollution profiteer. :blobangery:

What would you do in my shoes? :blobwaitwhat:

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