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G'mwarning frens! :blobwave:

Let's go get that jead (jean bread)!

hyperlink just sent me a telegram message and the most recent chatlog was "okay so who's gonna buy the bananas for the pizza"

an apple trebuchet keeps 900-1000 standard apples 300m away

Feeling a little disconnected all of a sudden. Can I just get a ping back and a hell yeah? You're all still out there, yeah? Keep up the good fight! :boost_ok:

It's gonna rain all week long and I'm just :blobcoffee:

Need more sleep though. :blobsleepless:

tf concept, kobolds 

Extremely Radio DJ Voice 

One of the most disheartening things I ever learned about the tech industry was that the slap-dash rush-job hack patch scripts and cron jobs that I would only use in extreme emergencies as temporary stop-gap solutions are in reality what run the entire internet with very few exceptions :blobsweats:

Finally almost feel like I'm awake for the first time this week! Time to finally start getting some proper work do-

Oh, it's Friday. :blobeyes:

Yay! :blobcheer:

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