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Work (~) 

One of the new devs they hired has officially ghosted us: No call no show for over a week now after only showing up like a couple days a week for a while. >..>

So I'm gonna be doing dev work for one of the brands until they hire someone to replace her I guess :<

These "Squishable" orb ✨plush✨ frens are getting so realistic! :blobaww:

Work: When you have too many side projects and keep finding new ones 

I'm so glad I made that note so I can save the text file somewhere obscure and never think of that side-project again :blobcoffee:

re: US Politics 

(That's 18 years old today for those not in the know)

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US Politics 

Happy Birthday to the US War in Afganistan! It's now legally allowed to join the military and be deployed to itself to kill more innocent civilians in the name of American oil companies


Sausages in wrapped waffles have better traction.

... and this naturally led me to sausage waffle cones...

What if in the future they named space ships after weed strains :thaenkin:

Is your cat a ball
Does she wobble when she crawls
Does he tire when he hops
Is there chaos when he falls
Do they seem orb reminiscent
when their shadow hits the wall
Is your cat a ball

Sheep of the fediverse... Reveal yourselves unto me

Sung to the tune of Nelly 

🎶 :ablobcool: 🎵
It's getting soff in here
( so soff! )
so make a pillow fort
( woo! )

It is, getting so soff
I'm gonna snug you so long

My local waste management company's workers went on strike yesterday (on garbage day) in solidarity to the strikes under the same company on the east coast

It's quite a story and I'm not seeing much coverage of it. :thaenkin:

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