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(its okay take your time)

Just a reminder if you need to send me any professional correspondence my email address is

Don't dance like there's nobody watching.

Dance like there are three benevolent alien deities watching, and they are very proud of you.

Dance like that.

“Pagliacci, even your antics couldn’t cheer me up, I’m still sad”

“Well, I hear the renowned psychiatrist Dr Medico is in town, you should look them up!”

“But Pagliacci...

I found out some delightful person made a Skype for Business plugin for Adium, so I could finally chat with people on a client that didn't suck! :D

Using Adium again has been like re-visiting an old super close friend that hasn't changed at all and wondering how you ever got along without them.

That fucken sock 'em boppers commercial will be stuck in my head for all eternity, popping into mind at completely random times for NO REASON

I am very soff and textile
'cause I'm a ✨plush✨ asexual

For those who want it, here's a link to the aforementioned Gender Role Test:

So I took the gender role test, and it tracks, more-or-less. :blobcatgooglyshrug:

Also, how does someone who's borderline agender have 159% of genders? That's over a gender and a half! That's too many genders! :bloblaugh:

If you were a high-end action figure, what would be your pre-recorded phrases on your talk-box? 

It's the 5th of November so y'all know what's goin' on the big screen at our place tonight. :blobcheerbounce:

Welp it sounds like @hyperlink is gonna be eating gross things for boops again soon :blobpopcorn:

US Politics (+++) 

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