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I make you my new threshold for a podcast as I slowly materialize a cheeseburger into my tummy,

@Duende haha im really sleepy and misread this post as "car seat headass"

...oh wait,m

in this house we respect syndicalists

no totalists allowed

"shark infested waters"


Horrible holiday ✨plush✨ joke 

Once a year in late November, ✨plush✨ critters sit down with comrades and loved ones for Frensgiving.

It's light on the turkey, but it's big on the stuffing. :blobcatfingerguns:

Mawr Status Update 

• Still Soff
• Still extremely v ✨plush✨

#introductions: Hi, I'm nibble!

I am a small adventurous shark. I travel on trains and hide in bags. Sometimes I like to help with computers and read about anarchism. My favourite city (so far) is Brno, and I like the Deutsche Bahn ICE trains!

When I'm not travelling I live in Berlin where I hang out with my bigger sister Byte. Together we like to watch Futurama and climb on @spacekookie and @qyliss

lewd, shitpost 

Pringles: teaching everyone how to fist

The more I learn about paracord and knots and weaving the more interested I get :D

I keep about ~70' (20m) of paracord in my purse with me now 'cause there have been so many situations in which having some would have been hella useful :3

Has anyone posted a 3 year old's crayon drawing of a truck with the Tesla logo on it yet

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