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*at the support group:*

"Gene therapy gone wrong. How about ny'all?"

"Magical girl contract."

"HRT side effects."

"My witch girlfriend needed a familiar. How about you, newbie?"

"Bitten by a catgirl."


"That's… not supposed to happen. At least, I didn't know it could happen."

"That's what they told me at the doctor's office, RIGHT BEFORE THEY REFERRED ME TO A VET 😤"

I posted :blobuwu:

I've been tremendously overwhelmed by life so I've been quiet here a lot lately

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If you've got a minute please appreciate my adorable sister's dog Toast as she profusely apologizes for barking at the mailman for the 600th time (approx)

mysterious cat-shaped dimensional portal (closed due to COVID-19)

yeah im a programmer :blobcat:

*flops on keyboard and falls asleep*

Tired: Scotland leaving the UK

Wired: Scotland running the UK

Inspired: Kicking England out of the UK

The very fact that the word "unprecedented" is being used (accurately) so often these days that it's starting to lose meaning, is itself, unprecedented.

Someone said that your customer service voice is just baby talk for boomers, and I'm fucking dying

there are creatures out here who are just like, fuckin pupy or dragn or birb or meow or all sorts of cool things and i think that's rad as hell

Thanks brain! :blobwave:

I was hoping I might get some work done but it's cool we can do this instead :blobglare:

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Sudden Flashback: finally getting treatment for asthma 

Just remembered the time I finally pushed past all the "but the tests say you're fine" bullshit to actually see a specialist. She took one look at me (6'5" tall with a massive ribcage) and realized that my barely passing lung capacity tests were fucking bullshit and I definitely had asthma.

"Oh my goodness you poor thing" was what she said. I started crying. It was the first time I felt like I might find help instead of just ridicule.

The queer district of my city has pushed out the police :blobbloc: and established an autonomous zone with their own security :blobhero: and I helped them organize radios and stuff :blobcheer:

People are having meetings right now to discuss the founding of this new free society :blobopenmouth: in my favorite part of my favorite city and with all that on my mind how in the FUCK am I supposed to FOCUS enough :blobnotlike: to BUILD WEBSITES for BIKE ACCESSORY BRANDS. :blobfrowningbig:

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