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I have such awesome dreams sometimes. Or at least I think I do, because by the time I wake up, all I can remember of them is how awesome they were :blobfrowningbig:

Sometimes I get into bed before bedtime and then I go to sleep??? I don't really understand it,

(2 hours into AAA game) i am a machine of death. a stalker in the night, a killer of men. enemy soldiers whisper my name for fear it will bring my swift and bloody vengeance. if your god had wanted you to live, he would not have created me.

(two months go by without playing the game and i start up my last save) HENLOOO badguy soldiers, it is i, GAME PLAYER BOY and i have FORGOTTEN ENTIRELY what it is ALL THESE PRETTY BUTTONS DO

i haven't been able to stop thinking about making this post all day

Here's a chiptune version of a favorite piece of mine from years ago.

I arranged it for two guitars and a bass, I think, but never got around to actually recording it, because I'm not good enough to be a studio musician.

The name, "Maybe Nothing," was just a working title - I hadn't expected the initial riff to lead to anything - that just stuck around.

When you have a memory as bad as mine is, your ability to be productive in any capacity is determined by the effectiveness of your information organizational systems.

And mine are definitely not good enough. :blob_grinning_sweat:

Oh hey Mawr is posting again! 

Toot: *apears*
*reappears with spelling correction and more contxte*
*reappears with yet another spelling correction and the context from earlier*
*reappears but now it has better emojo :blobuwu: *

i get to bring up the video for "Dilemma" by Nelly ft. Kelly Rowland, where she texts in Microsoft Excel, and it has nothing to do with the content of the episode

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dream, food, body horror 

moral of the story is go to the doctor the second your skin starts disappearing. don’t wait until you’re full of spaghetti

Fun fact:

Years ago I asked about the possibility to video lectures to save records of them online for students to use for studying and was told I couldn't because it would probably violate FERPA.

This year because of covid I have to videotape all lectures in case students don't feel like coming to campus or fall ill.

Basically all the things we were told you can't do that would make academia more accessible are suddenly being done. It's almost like they could have been done all the time.

my gf designed this really cool clicky switch orb, and like heck i'm so excited about it i wanna share! it's a stimtoy/fidgettoy and all the buttons are any cherry mx sized switch, i put kailh box navy switches on all of these, and the keycaps are dsa profile which are the same shape on each side so they look neat on the orb/cube! it's really fun to roll around in your hand :p

kobold content 

a tiny kobold sneaks up on a sleeping dragon's lair, treading carefully through the hoard, clearly with the intent of steali- oh

nevermind, they just give the dragon a very small peck on the cheek and then leave just as stealthily for some reason

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