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Hey everybody I'm posting from bedquarters here and it's looking pretty soff over here :blobsleepy:

I'm going to snuggle information and naps out of the local resident Bosley the orca ✨plush✨, said to be helper of these gentle lands :blob_aww:

There is an entire system of cultural pressures which restrict us from being the inherently playful animals we really are deep down. Life isn't supposed to be boring and terrible just because you've grown up.

Enjoy things. Be weird.

Kobold headbonks mean at least one of the following:

notice me
dont gooooo ;;
*is causing problems on purpose*
feed me
uppies pls
I love u

Image description 

Jack the corgi, splooting (laying down with both back legs pointing backwards), smiling widely at the camera.

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I know her mom will recognize this dog immediately as Not Her Corgo but I still did a doubletake at this and wondered if @mawr's Toast was living a double life. :D

The local Kroger type place put up these, and I'm sure this is some of y'all's aesthetic

Ghost of Tsushima: The graphics 

The graphics of this game aren't boundary-breaking, but I'm of the opinion that graphics have gotten good enough that the real trick is in how you apply lighting and frame your scenes.

In this game, they rendered full lens abstraction, to the point of providing a "camera mode" where you control all aspects of the lens rendering the scene.

With this tool, they framed scenes in ways reminiscent of Kurosawa's incredible work. The results are literally breathtaking.

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Ghost of Tsushima: the story 

Every individual story feels like it could be a film all on its own, and what's more: one I'd watch!

The overarching story was very cliché- so much so that I'd guessed the end in the first 30 minutes, but still so well done I was sobbing by the credits.

The game lampshades its adherence to cliché and stereotype, making its intentions clear with a "Kurosawa Mode" which changes the game to black and white (the videography is also strongly reminiscent of his work).

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Ghost of Tsushima: My thoughts (+++++) 

Ghost of Tsushima is an incredible game for a huge list of reasons.

It's open world has such a clearly defined and well written plot that it never gets lost in the weeds (even when you try to, like I do). The main character is intended as the physical manifestation of the hurricane(s) that stopped the mongol invasion(s) of Japan, and it mashes as much culture as it can into every crevice.

It's gorgeous and a joy to play or even watch!! :blob_aww:

PSA: HRT stands for Human Replacement Therapy. It's where you replace the human with something else. Like a dragon.

"I’m hearing too much “recycle, compost, go vegan!” and not enough “100 corporations cause 71% of emissions”"

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